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IAA Total Loss Solutions

Compress timelines. Reduce costs. Support customers. These are a few things that are top of mind for any insurance carrier, but it can be hard to focus on these goals when day-to-day paperwork begins to stack up.

Enter IAA Total Loss Solutions, a comprehensive suite of services designed to process total loss claims efficiently, from loss event to asset liquidation. It’s designed with carriers in mind, with an eye toward workforce efficiency and policyholder retention.

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IAA Inspection Services

A customizable, web-based management system that lets customers conduct vehicle inspections from anywhere, helping to save time and money and redeploy personnel to more profitable tasks.

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IAA Loss Advisor

IAA Loss Advisor provides the tools to help claims reps and adjusters more accurately determine if a vehicle is a total loss and put that vehicle on the fast track to inspection. Customizable to your company’s total-loss standards and designed to integrate seamlessly with your current systems, IAA Loss Advisor can increase operational efficiency while reducing costs and providing robust reporting capabilities.

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IAA Title Services

A suite of full-service tools — Title Procurement, Title Solutions and Title Direct — designed to expedite the laborious and time-consuming title-procurement process.

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IAA Express Notary

Express Notary is a concierge service for your policy holders – when notary service is required for title documents, exceed your customers’ expectations by sending the notary to them. Don’t make your customers figure it out for themselves. With Express Notary, insurance carriers have a solution that can improve customer experience while also reducing costs and cycle times.

Download Express Notary Brochure is a customer self-service tool that provides vehicle owners with visibility into the total loss claims process. Your customers can track the status of their claim from beginning to end, communicate, and interact with documents – all from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

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Title Procurement Dashboard

The latest update to CSAToday® supports IAA Title Procurement customers by providing a powerful tool to manage the administrative duties of the titling process, allowing you the time to focus on customer service and other value-adding tasks.

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IAA Title Procurement

IAA Title Procurement gives you the resources and tools you need to help you save time, better utilize staff and boost customer satisfaction. Backed by IAA's experienced title services team, you'll have access to, and the Title Procurement Dashboard.

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Cut costs. Shorten cycles.
Manage claims more effectively.

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