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Services to Buy Vehicles

IAA assists vehicle buyers with comprehensive services to preview and acquire total loss, recovered theft, fleet lease, donation and rental vehicles. By making the experience easier for them, our integrated services and technologies help you optimize vehicle exposure, lower cycle time, and gain higher returns at auction. Learn more about each service below.

Vehicle Condition Services

Determining the value of a vehicle is essential to buyers. IAA’s vehicle condition services provides comprehensive reporting, enhanced videos and still images to add an additional level of detail to showcase the condition of these vehicles and maximize value. Operable vehicles are driven past buyers to demonstrate their full value in the IAA Run & Drive® lanes. These services give buyers confidence when bidding on vehicles.

Vehicle Buying Services

IAA’s live and live-online auction and flexible bidding options are designed to create a healthy and competitive bidding environment. I-Bid LiveSM enables registered buyers to join a live auction through an Internet connection anywhere in the world, bidding in real time along with the live local bidders and other Internet bidders. Buyers can bid on rental vehicles before they arrive at an IAA facility with IAA First LookSM. And with I-Buy FastSM, qualified buyers can immediately purchase vehicles between auctions for a fixed price.

Financial Services

Financing and payment services make the sale of vehicles easy and efficient. With Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) providing floorplan solutions to manage inventory, buyers can maximize their purchasing with a number of financing options to help leverage their capital. Buyers can also take advantage of a quick and convenient online payment option for vehicles through I-Pay®.

Buyer Marketing Services

Increasing visibility to vehicles and buyer participation at auction is the driving force behind IAA’s buyer marketing services. Branded sales promote select inventory to specific buyers for a targeted, efficient sale. Promotions and special events focus on increasing both buyer attendance and bidding by highlighting attractive vehicles and offering incentives.

High-Resolution Images

Seeing is believing, which is why this online feature is so important. A clear look at a vehicle gives buyers confidence in their bid, while sellers know their inventory is being showcased at its best.

Vehicle Management/Support Services

IAA Auction Center is a unique online marketplace allowing buyers to search all inventory, purchase vehicles, and manage their accounts at any time. IAA Buyer Services assists buyers worldwide in 15 languages with registration, bidding, payment, pick-up and website-related activities. IAA provides logistical services to ensure vehicles are efficiently processed and sold.

Vehicle Parts Search

With the ability to search via Hollander Interchange™ Part Numbers on, IAA has made it easier than ever for buyers to locate vehicles manufactured containing the specific components they need. Users need only enter a Hollander Interchange Part Number into the search bar, resulting in an instant list of IAA vehicle stock containing the needed component. In an effort to anticipate the needs of different buyers, this new search function takes the guesswork out of finding vehicle parts.

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Industry-First Technology

The IAA Buyer Watch app is the industry’s first-to-market digital tool designed for wearable technology. It brings select IAA Buyer app functionality to your Apple WatchTM, providing an instant look at Watch List vehicles set for auction that day, pre-bid vehicles set for auction that day and push notifications from your IAA Buyer app account.

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