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Donation Management

IAA is committed to turning donated vehicles into dollars for many charities. A vehicle donation program is a great way to generate funds to support your mission, and IAA is here to help manage every step of the process.

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Donation Call Center

A donor's first contact may be a call-center representative, and IAA has the dedicated professionals to walk them through the entire vehicle donation process. With extensive experience in managing vehicle donations, IAA call-center staff is committed to providing high-quality customer service.

Features and Benefits

  • A dedicated call center manages donations from start to finish.
  • Donors call a toll-free number to contribute vehicles or receive assistance.
  • With custom toll-free numbers, representatives can take on the identity of the charity to reinforce the brand of the charity.

Vehicle Pick-Up

Fast and free vehicle pick-up is provided as a convenience to donors so they don't have to go out of their way to coordinate transportation of their donated vehicles. IAA manages the logistics of this step so charities don't have to worry, either.

Features and Benefits

  • Vehicle pick-up is fast and free for donors.
  • IAA's national tow network provides a trusted and professional service.
  • With 170+ IAA branch locations nationwide, transportation is fast and cost-effective.


IAA's targeted marketing efforts communicate the value of vehicle donations and work to drive proceeds that support your charitable organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use marketing toolkits help charities create awareness about vehicle donations with their donors.
  • Charities receive insight and tips about vehicle donation trends from IAA publications.
  • IAA practices targeted buyer marketing to drive potential proceeds for donated vehicles.

Tax Receipt

Receiving a tax deduction for a donation is a great benefit for donors, and IAA makes sure to distribute the proper documentation for their convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA ensures the tax receipt is delivered to the donor after sale.
  • Our documentation specialists have experience with state tax regulations.
  • IAA makes it easy for the charity and the donor by taking the guesswork out of tax deductions.

Reporting and Insight

IAA carefully monitors the the performance of donated vehicles as well as the economic factors that affect their value, and we publish this information for the benefit of our partners.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA performs extensive reporting about donor demographics, including location, donation channels and sentiment regarding vehicle donations.
  • By tracking auction trends and data, IAA provides insight about potential proceeds.
  • Our publications centered around vehicle donation can provide charities with valuable information to help improve their campaign.

Charitable Proceeds

The proceeds generated from the sale of a donated vehicle makes a real difference when it comes to supporting a charity's mission.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA manages the entire vehicle donation process.
  • To support their mission, charities receive proceeds from the sale of every donated vehicle.
  • We are committed to providing charities with a donation program that makes a difference.

Turn Donated Vehicles Into Dollars

IAA is invested in raising public awareness about the benefit of vehicle donations. Read our IAA Full Service Solution for Car Donations brochure and if you have any questions about how we can help, fill out the form below.