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IAA Catastrophe Services

Catastrophic weather events can cause extensive damage, often resulting in thousands of total-loss vehicles. IAA is here to help. To provide our insurance carrier partners with the highest level of service, we carefully track storm patterns and have response teams at the ready for when disaster strikes. With careful planning and coordination, IAA assists carriers with vehicle recovery, transportation, timely settlement and sale.

Features and Benefits

  • Our CAT philosophy is built on a three-tier approach: pre-CAT planning, on-scene response and effective post-CAT management.
  • In the event of a catastrophe, IAA draws from an established network of partners to secure towing services and storage space. 
  • A mobile CAT Command Center serves as an on-the-go, centralized point of crisis management.
  • When vehicles are ready, we promote them to our global buyer base with targeted marketing efforts for efficient sale and file closure. 

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IAA Supports Vehicle Dealers During Catastrophes

Our best-in-class Dealer CAT Service allows you to get back in business after weather-related events, clearing your lot of damaged vehicles quickly and maximizing your returns via our auction model. Learn more about how IAA supports vehicle dealers.


Beat the Storm

Stay ahead of a catastrophic weather events with IAA. For more information about our Catastrophe Services, fill out the form below.