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Selling Services

With IAA, sellers find services to support not only the auction process, but also with managing inventory, settling claims and processing donated vehicles.


If your policyholders are concerned about their damaged vehicle’s cost of repair, refer them to BidFast for an easy solution. With this tool, vehicles undergo a comprehensive analysis to determine their value, allowing the owner to easily obtain a bid that includes a written, 60-day guarantee.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA draws from historical auction data to form purchase offers. 
  • A purchase offer is guaranteed for 60 days, with no additional pressure placed on your policyholders. 
  • The vehicle owner can receive payment immediately. 
  • Each bid is fully documented and meets Department of Insurance requirements for determining salvage values. 

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Quick Bids for Damaged Vehicles

We find the value in salvage vehicles. To learn more about BidFast or how you can access the service, fill out the form below.


For anyone selling with us, CSAToday is an indispensable tool because of its wide range of capabilities. With anywhere, anytime access via computer or mobile device, the ability to manage inventory is at our sellers’ fingertips wherever and whenever they need it.


Features and Benefits

  • Assign vehicles and check their status from pick-up to final sale.
  • Find estimated salvage values with IAA Market ValueTM.
  • Determine more accurately whether a vehicle should be a total loss with Loss AdvisorTM.
  • Identify and resolve vehicle release issues with tools like IAA Title TrackerTM.
  • Analyze returns and cycle times through customizable reports.

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A Powerful Tool for Inventory Management

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about CSAToday or how to access the service, fill out the form below.

Customized Promotions

Some vehicles can benefit from a more targeted auction event. Our customized promotions shine a spotlight on unique or specific inventory. We’ve handled the special sale of everything from an all-motorcycle event called Big Bad Bike Sales to an auction series that helped insurance carriers clear out damaged vehicles after extreme weather, so you can leave it to us.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom auctions showcase a unique range of vehicle types and conditions.
  • Targeted marketing promotions increase visibility and connect interested buyers to specific inventory.
  • These sales can quickly unload high volumes of inventory.

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Build Your Own Auction

When there's a high volume of specific inventory, custom promotions are a great way to connect those vehicles to the right buyers. If you have questions about this type of auction, fill out the form below.

DDR Feed

Looking to resell a vehicle you bought from IAA? Resellers and brokers can integrate IAA’s vehicle data into their websites with this data feed.

Using DDR Service

  • An automated data feed displays vehicle details on your website.
  • Attract potential buyers by having a regular feed of the vehicles you're selling.
  • Since the service is automated and pulls from IAA data, you don't have to worry about displaying inaccurate information.

Access to Vehicle Data

Integrate our data into your website. To learn more about DDR Feed, or how you can access this service, fill out the form below.

Donation Management

IAA is committed to turning donated vehicles into dollars for many charities. A vehicle donation program is a great way to generate funds to support your mission, and IAA is here to help manage every step of the process.

Download the IAA Full Service Solution for Car Donations brochure.

Donation Call Center

A donor's first contact may be a call-center representative, and IAA has the dedicated professionals to walk them through the entire vehicle donation process. With extensive experience in managing vehicle donations, IAA call-center staff is committed to providing high-quality customer service.

Features and Benefits

  • A dedicated call center manages donations from start to finish.
  • Donors call a toll-free number to contribute vehicles or receive assistance.
  • With custom toll-free numbers, representatives can take on the identity of the charity to reinforce the brand of the charity.

Vehicle Pick-Up

Fast and free vehicle pick-up is provided as a convenience to donors so they don't have to go out of their way to coordinate transportation of their donated vehicles. IAA manages the logistics of this step so charities don't have to worry, either.

Features and Benefits

  • Vehicle pick-up is fast and free for donors.
  • IAA's national tow network provides a trusted and professional service.
  • With 170+ IAA branch locations nationwide, transportation is fast and cost-effective.


IAA's targeted marketing efforts communicate the value of vehicle donations and work to drive proceeds that support your charitable organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use marketing toolkits help charities create awareness about vehicle donations with their donors.
  • Charities receive insight and tips about vehicle donation trends from IAA publications.
  • IAA practices targeted buyer marketing to drive potential proceeds for donated vehicles.

Tax Receipt

Receiving a tax deduction for a donation is a great benefit for donors, and IAA makes sure to distribute the proper documentation for their convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA ensures the tax receipt is delivered to the donor after sale.
  • Our documentation specialists have experience with state tax regulations.
  • IAA makes it easy for the charity and the donor by taking the guesswork out of tax deductions.

Reporting and Insight

IAA carefully monitors the the performance of donated vehicles as well as the economic factors that affect their value, and we publish this information for the benefit of our partners.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA performs extensive reporting about donor demographics, including location, donation channels and sentiment regarding vehicle donations.
  • By tracking auction trends and data, IAA provides insight about potential proceeds.
  • Our publications centered around vehicle donation can provide charities with valuable information to help improve their campaign.

Charitable Proceeds

The proceeds generated from the sale of a donated vehicle makes a real difference when it comes to supporting a charity's mission.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA manages the entire vehicle donation process.
  • To support their mission, charities receive proceeds from the sale of every donated vehicle.
  • We are committed to providing charities with a donation program that makes a difference.

Turn Donated Vehicles Into Dollars

IAA is invested in raising public awareness about the benefit of vehicle donations. Read our IAA Full Service Solution for Car Donations brochure and if you have any questions about how we can help, fill out the form below.


Putting your vehicles on hold can be a manual and frustrating process. Getting them released can be even worse. Built into CSAToday®, E-hold gives sellers the ability to hold and release their vehicles online.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple - Just go to hold tab, agree to "place hold", add a few additional details and you're done.
  • Convenient - You can complete the entire process electronically, on your own time - making it flexible and efficient.
  • Comprehensive - Track every step with ease and find the request history of each user.
  • Customizable - Set the user preferences so you can control who can set and release vehicle holds.

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Quick and Easy Vehicle Holds are a Click Away

Vehicles held and released easily, how it should be.  To learn more about E-Hold or how you can access the service, fill out the form below.

IAA Active Inventory ManagementTM

Get an outsourced solution for time-consuming total loss tasks. As part of IAA Total Loss Solutions®, Active Inventory Management provides you with a team of experts that will actively monitor and oversee the vehicles in your inventory, cutting down cycle time and allowing you to focus on core business initiatives.

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor and coordinate the resolution of release problems.
  • Manage minimum bids, title branding and centralized settlements.
  • Perform and present advanced trend analysis.
  • Identify processing bottlenecks and resolve title problems.

Leave it to Us

Active Inventory Management is a full-service solution for total loss inventory management.
Fill out the form below if you have questions, and we'll be in touch.

IAA Branches

Process vehicles. Showcase inventory. Host buyers. Our branches do it all. Each of our 180+ locations across North America are strategically placed for maximum impact and convenience for both sellers and buyers.

Features and Benefits

  • Every one of our branches are placed strategically to connect to the most buyers.
  • These locations are also placed near shipping and transportation hubs to minimize the impact of transport fees for our buyers and sellers.
  • Our lots have the capacity to hold an extensive number of vehicles.
  • In addition to vehicle processing, onsite IAA staff can assist with a number of services, including inspection, storage and AFC financing.
  • Sellers can showcase inventory to live buyers at an IAA branch.

Find a location

See Us in Person

Participate in a lively auction experience. If you need assistance locating an IAA location or have any other questions, fill out the form below.


To sell vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible, we go beyond the auction with Buy Now. If a vehicle doesn’t sell in its first run, sellers can set a price and close a deal online rather than waiting a week for the next auction.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain additional exposure for your vehicles between auctions.
  • Potentially reduce cycle time and storage costs by selling your vehicles quickly.
  • Have the opportunity to sell your vehicles for a fixed price.

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Sell Right Now

You can have buyers purchase your vehicles fast. To learn more about Buy Now or how to gain access to the service, fill out the form below.

IAA Catastrophe Services

Catastrophic weather events can cause extensive damage, often resulting in thousands of total-loss vehicles. IAA is here to help. To provide our insurance carrier partners with the highest level of service, we carefully track storm patterns and have response teams at the ready for when disaster strikes. With careful planning and coordination, IAA assists carriers with vehicle recovery, transportation, timely settlement and sale.

Features and Benefits

  • Our CAT philosophy is built on a three-tier approach: pre-CAT planning, on-scene response and effective post-CAT management.
  • In the event of a catastrophe, IAA draws from an established network of partners to secure towing services and storage space. 
  • A mobile CAT Command Center serves as an on-the-go, centralized point of crisis management.
  • When vehicles are ready, we promote them to our global buyer base with targeted marketing efforts for efficient sale and file closure. 

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IAA Supports Vehicle Dealers During Catastrophes

Our best-in-class Dealer CAT Service allows you to get back in business after weather-related events, clearing your lot of damaged vehicles quickly and maximizing your returns via our auction model. Learn more about how IAA supports vehicle dealers.


Beat the Storm

Stay ahead of a catastrophic weather events with IAA. For more information about our Catastrophe Services, fill out the form below.

IAA Express NotaryTM

Turn an inconvenience into a positive customer experience. The first of its kind in the industry, IAA Express Notary allows carriers to electronically assign title documents to a national network of mobile notaries that will travel straight to the vehicle owner and execute documents on the spot.

Features and Benefits

  • The notary will meet the vehicle owner at a place and time of their choosing rather than requiring the vehicle owner to execute the entire process on their own.
  • With an improved cycle time, insurance carriers can save on vehicle rental fees and better allocate employee bandwidth.
  • By digitizing the documents process and deploying mobile notaries, insurance carriers eliminate the events customers find most inconvenient, resulting in increased policyholder satisfaction and retention.

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A Speedy Solution for Document Notarization

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about Title Services or how you can gain access, fill out the form below.

IAA Loan Payoff™

Let our exclusive online communication portal simplify the payoff process for total loss claims and dealer trades. IAA Loan Payoff reduces the endless phone calls, faxes and overall time it takes to secure and complete payments, allowing more time to focus on customer experience.

Features and Benefits

Time-Saving - Our proprietary software cuts down on the steps that make the current payoff process so tedious.


Convenience - IAA Loan Payoff offers the ease and security of online document sharing, ACH transfers, automatic alerts and electronic communication.


Customer-Centric - Not only does IAA save lenders, dealers and insurance companies a huge amount of cycle-time, by doing so it allows more time to focus on current and prospective customers.

Reducing Cycle Time for Insurance Carriers

Innovation and technology are taking over the total loss claims space – so why is loan payoff still a lengthy process full of phone calls, faxes and miscommunication? IAA knows the pain points of getting an auto lien paid, and has developed an easy-to-use, modern solution for both insurance carriers and lenders. Find out how to reduce costs, save time and increase customer satisfaction with IAA Loan Payoff™.


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IAA Loan Payoff Benefits All Parties

Streamline the payoff process, minimize touchpoints, and save time. Learn more about the benefits of IAA Loan Payoff specific to lenders.


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Save Time in the Loan Payment Process

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about IAA Loan Payoff, fill out the form below.

IAA Loss AdvisorTM

Get a second opinion. Offered through CSAToday®, Loss Advisor is a tool that assists insurance carrier representatives with determining whether a vehicle is a candidate for total loss. Using predictive analytics and management reporting, you’ll have a helping hand in getting your vehicles to settlement faster.

Features and Benefits

  • After a series of questions is answered, a weighted points system quickly determines whether a vehicle is a total loss.
  • The points system is easily customizable to your specific total loss thresholds.
  • Gain visibility to early total loss (ETL) performance, reporting volume and total-loss ratio.
  • Accessible through any internet-equipped device. 

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Accurate Total Loss Determination

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about Loss Advisor or how you can gain access to the service, fill out the form below.

IAA Market ValueTM

There are advantages to having the industry’s largest data warehouse at our disposal. Built into CSAToday®, IAA Market Value gives sellers the ability to estimate the auction value of their vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Features and Benefits

  • Using historical auction data, estimates for a vehicle's auction value can be easily calculated. 
  • Logic-based search filters provide the most accurate results.
  • Accessible from mobile and desktop devices. 

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See It In Action

Auction Values On the Go

Check it off your list, wherever you are. To learn more about Market Value or how you can gain access to the service, fill out the form below.

IAA Online ExclusiveTM

Some vehicles are better-suited for an online-only auction. Whether it’s heavy equipment or a large volume of specific inventory, the Online Exclusive auction option helps sellers reach the global audience interested in those particular vehicles.

Features and Benefits

  • This online-only auction model makes a special effort to reach buyers around the world.
  • Follows the regular auction format, with a live auctioneer calling bids.
  • Targeted marketing efforts communicate these special promotions.

Auto E-Commerce

Reach an expansive audience. Fill out the form below if you have questions about Online Exclusive promotions, and we'll be in touch.

IAA Title DirectTM

Skip costly document administration barriers with Title Direct. With this service, you can let us handle title documents while you monitor the process through CSAToday®.

Features and Benefits

  • Title documents can be sent directly to IAA, providing visibility into the status of your documents package.
  • Manage everything from the convenience of your CSAToday account.
  • Receive expert assistance from our team to avoid title mistakes.

Title Transparency

IAA's title expertise speeds along the documentation process. Fill out the form below if you have questions, and we'll be in touch.

IAA Title ProcurementTM

Don’t stress. Vehicle titles? Easy. With Title Procurement, you gain access to a full-service procurement team and a suite of services to help support every part of the settlement process.

Features and Benefits

  • Get access to, a branded platform that provides an efficient means of communication between the carrier and vehicle owner.
  • is also included as a resource that details frequently asked questions and state-specific title regulations.
  • Through CSAToday®, the Title Procurement Dashboard is a comprehensive management tool for total loss administrative tasks.


Services Similar to Title Procurement

Ensuring the best experience means providing the best services. Check out some of our other products, including those in the IAA Total Loss Solutions® suite.

Settlement Support

Titles can be complicated, but IAA is here to help. Fill out the form below if you have questions about Title Procurement, and we'll be in touch.

IAA Title SolutionsTM

Leverage IAA’s title documentation expertise from anywhere. Receive guidance on complicated title regulations, untangle difficult documentation, communicate freely with our team and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Our title experts can help you navigate complex state title laws.
  • Work through difficult titles like transient losses, commercial losses and aged pending files with our experienced staff.
  • Avoid potential communication delays with our inventory management tool, CSAToday®.
  • Analyze returns and cycle times through customizable reports.

Full-Service Support

Title assistance is just one perk when you partner with IAA. Fill out the form below if you have questions, and we'll be in touch.

Inspection Services®

It’s time to go digital. Inspection Services provides a technology-based system for remote vehicle inspections and appraisals. Carriers are provided high-resolution images and reports with all the information they need, without having to deploy an appraiser to the field.

Features and Benefits

  • More than 30 high-quality images give you the first look at vehicle damage without having to deploy assets to the field.
  • Condition reporting provides pre-loss vehicle condition and option details and easy access to the detailed information required to generate an accurate appraisal.
  • Expediting the appraisal process helps you settle with vehicle owners faster, helping to reduce rental car costs and storage fees.
  • IAA Inspection Services supports all leading industry estimating platforms.
  • This tool goes beyond serving standard passenger vehicles to also include inspection and appraisal options for motorcycles.

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Integrated on a single platform

Get the Full Picture

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about Inspection Services or how you can gain access to the tool, fill out the form below.

Live and Online Auction

The live and online auction model at IAA creates a bidding environment that promotes healthy competition to drive higher vehicle returns. While live auctions are occurring, online buyers can join in the bidding through the internet and real-time audio broadcasts, giving our buyers the option to participate at any of our 180+ locations.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA's auction model is one that promotes healthy competition between buyers.
  • Wherever they are, buyers can participate in auctions at 170+ locations through an internet bidding platform.
  • With this dual auction model, vehicles obtain maximum visibility to drive returns.

Get the IAA Auction Advantage

Sell your vehicles through one of IAA's auctions. For more information about our live and online auction model or how to join, fill out the form below.

Logistics and Towing

We know how complex it can be to coordinate transportation of your inventory to where it needs to go. When you partner with IAA, we can handle all the logistics of getting vehicles from their location to the auction.

Features and Benefits

  • Via CSAToday®, you can assign vehicles to auction and track their status online.
  • IAA utilizes a trusted network of tow providers to transport vehicles, all managed by our centralized Transportation Department.
  • With 170+ locations across North America, your nearest IAA branch can't be too far away, which cuts down on transportation costs.

Point A to Point B

IAA can help get your vehicles to the auction. If you have any questions about our towing and logistics, fill out the form below.

Mobile Assignment

With IAA Mobile Assignment, you have the power to assign vehicles to auction in the palm of your hand. As part of the CSAToday® app for Apple and Android devices, this tool takes the desktop assignment process and optimizes it for functionality for your smartphone or tablet.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible and efficient for users on the road. 
  • Use built-in device features – like the camera for VIN scanning, for example – to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. 
  • Designed for optimized functionality on your smartphone or tablet. 

Download the brochure


See it in action

Now Available: IAA Mobile Assignment for Dealer & Fleet

Dealers can now assign, image and check-in vehicles to sell at auction from their offsite location.



Save tow and storage fees
on every assignment.

Three easy steps:
assign, image and check-in.

All the benefits of an IAA auction
without ever moving vehicles.



Download the flyer

Assign from Anywhere

To learn more about IAA Mobile Assignment or how you can gain access to the service, fill out the form below. puts the vehicle owner in the driver’s seat, serving as a self-service solution that provides a policyholder full transparency into the total loss claims process.

Features and Benefits

  • Insurance carriers benefit from a self-service tool, helping to reduce costs and maximize workforce efficiency.
  • The vehicle owner can utilize to confirm or update information, request and download paperwork, access FAQs, track claim status and more.
  • With 24/7 access, users can manage a claim on their schedule.
  • is optimized to function on any internet-equipped device.

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A Turnkey Customer Service Solution

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about or how to access the service, fill out the form below.

One Car One Difference®

One Car One Difference is IAA’s national campaign to increase vehicle donations to charities. Marketed directly to the public, One Car One Difference provides millions of dollars in annual funding to charities by assisting in the processing of donated vehicles.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA consistently provides our charity clients with exceptional returns for vehicle donations – up to 80% for each donated unit.
  • We work directly with vehicle donors, taking care of all donation details from beginning to end. 
  • Our live and online auction platform offers choice and flexibility, making it easy for more buyers to participate and generating high returns for donated vehicles.

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Turn Donated Vehicles Into Dollars

IAA is invested in raising public awareness about the benefits of donating a vehicle. For more information about One Car One Difference or how to join, fill out the form below.

Run & Drive®

Showing vehicles at their best is smart selling. We help accomplish that with IAA’s Run & Drive, an entire auction segment dedicated to demonstrating the full value of vehicles able to start and move under their own power.

Features and Benefits

  • Run & Drive serves as a spotlight for your most valuable vehicles.
  • Buyers can see and hear your vehicle run, instilling confidence and driving up bids.
  • The Run & Drive lane is visible to live buyers at all 170+ IAA locations and online buyers in nearly every country in the world.

Download the brochure

See It In Action

Move Your Inventory

Drive vehicles to drive returns. To learn more about Run & Drive, fill out the form below.


The units you entrust us to sell represent significant revenue for your business. The security of your vehicles and the corresponding documentation is something we take very seriously. We are constantly evaluating our security protocol to ensure your assets are safe and secure.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA branches are secured with a range of protective measures including electric fences, with advanced security systems in place to monitor inventory 24/7.
  • Security personnel is present at auction events.
  • IAA stays updated on the latest technology in data security and management so your assets and sensitive information is kept safe.

Locked and Secured

We exercise every safeguard to keep your units and information secure. If you have any questions about our security standards, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Our partnership with insurance carriers starts long before we receive their total loss vehicles on our lots. With IAA’s, carriers now have an online tool to help them settle claims with clients more efficiently.

Features and Benefits

  • is a convenient online tool for settling claims faster.
  • The website hosts examples of state regulations to help reduce delays and errors in documentation.
  • Clear instructions on where signatures are needed also help to reduce errors.

Swift Settlements

Efficient claim resolutions are easily attainable with If you have any questions about the service, fill out the form below.

Title Procurement Dashboard

Offered through CSAToday®, the Title Procurement Dashboard provides insurance carriers with a comprehensive, high-level overview of total loss files and inventory. It’s a powerful tool to help users manage the titling process, making administrative tasks easier and putting the focus on customer service and retention.

Features and Benefits

  • The dashboard view provides visibility at various levels of detail in both problem files and process bottlenecks.
  • Enhanced reporting tools keep users updated on the status of their assignments, documents and cycle times.
  • Web-based functionality allows users to initiate assignments from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Claims managers and staff can easily communicate with IAA personnel through the interface.

Download the brochure

Total Loss Claims at a Glance

Reduce cycle times. Reduce costs. Maximize efficiency. To learn more about the Title Procurement Dashboard or how to access the service, fill out the form below.