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IAA's Live and Live-Online Auction Model

IAA's auction model simultaneously combines live and live-online buyers, giving them flexibility and helping sellers shorten their cycle time and increase returns. More than 55 percent of IAA buyers purchase vehicles both live and live-online, and buy more than twice as many vehicles as online-only buyers.

Fast-paced live auctions

At the auction site, IAA's Ringman and Auctioneer highlight vehicle features to create enthusiasm and healthy competition among live and live-online buyers. They work quickly to give buyers more vehicles to choose from, shortening cycle time for sellers. Nearly 45 percent of IAA vehicles sold are purchased by live buyers, who are a vital part of the IAA auction experience.

Insurance Auto Auctions
  • We auction every vehicle in any condition
  • We give buyers three ways to bid
  • We sell to buyers in more than 100 countries
  • We offer comprehensive services to manage and sell vehicles


The Auctioneer conducts the auction, generates enthusiasm around each vehicle, and builds trusting relationships with buyers.


The Ringman supports the auctioneer by monitoring bids from live buyers and highlighting key features of each vehicle to showcase its full value.

Auction Clerk

The Auction Clerk represents live-online bidders using I-Bid LiveSM, and signals to the Auctioneer when a new high bid is made.

Buyer choice drives bidding

Buyers in attendance can inspect vehicles in the yard, and see and hear operating vehicles in the IAA Run & Drive® lane. Their live bids increase the confidence of online buyers worldwide, who have the option of participating in up to eight IAA auctions simultaneously. This flexibility motivates increased bidding.

Buyers can bid three ways
  • Bid live in person
  • Bid live-online using I-Bid LiveSM
  • Pre-bid by proxy

Buyers can also buy vehicles in between auctions with I-Buy FastSM

Shorter cycle time

IAA's team of automotive professionals has the experience to manage and sell a wide range of inventory quickly. Integrated services are available to sellers while key personnel at every location work to increase efficiency, decrease cycle time and ensure satisfaction on both sides of the sale. 

Branch Manager

The Branch Manager oversees inventory, staff, safety and operations, and makes doing business with IAA efficient and convenient.

Auction Coordinator

The Auction Coordinator supports remarketers of vehicles requiring a quick sell, and arranges inventory transport and presentation to achieve high retentions.

Support Staff

The IAA team facilitates transactions, titling, transportation and other needs for buyers and sellers, ensuring a positive customer experience.