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Remarketing Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2018


Charity Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2018



Forecasting Prices for Aftermarket EV Batteries

Sebastian Gancarczyk, Vice President of Finance at IAA, discusses the future of aftermarket electric vehicle batteries in the resale marketplace.

Tuesday, December 4

Reflecting On The 2018 Hurricane Season

John Kett, IAA CEO and President, reflects on the 2018 Hurricane Season that was, and how IAA's steadfast focus on continuous improvement has paid off for its customers.

Thursday, November 29

Innovating Beyond Technology | Service & Technology Centered on the Customer

IAA's John Krupnik, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, delves into the true meaning of innovation, and why IAA continues to push to deliver value to its customers.

Wednesday, October 24

Giving Buyers a Better View | IAA 360 View™

IAA's Steve Muscarello, VP of Innovation and Product Development, discusses one of our latest innovations, IAA 360 View™. Knowing buyers want more details to make bidding and buying decisions, the company leveraged imaging technology to make the customers’ needs a reality.

Thursday, September 20