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Specialty Quarterly Report Third Quarter 2017


Remarketing Quarterly Report Third Quarter 2017



Preparing for the Unexpected

How do you prepare for the unexpected? John Kett, IAA CEO and President, discusses the impact of hurricane season and how IAA’s CAT plan covers the unknown.

Tuesday, November 28

The Future Is Data

Innovation in the insurance sector is something to watch. John Kett, IAA CEO and President, shares his thoughts on the role of data in the industry.

Wednesday, July 19

U.S. Monetary Policy and International Impact

IAA keeps a close eye on economic events that impact the industry, and monetary policy is certainly included. IAA CEO and President John Kett discusses the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate hike and how anticipation of that decision fuels changes that ripple through the automotive auction marketplace.

Thursday, April 6

The Rise of Total Loss

In this Perspectives article, IAA CEO and President John Kett tackles the increase in total loss frequency. Examining the influencers and factors that affect the rising trend, Kett discusses the challenges insurance carriers face and the forward-thinking solutions that can be put into place.

Thursday, March 2