You're in control

Searching for vehicles shouldn’t be a tedious process. Our newly enhanced search page delivers better filters and smarter results so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, faster.

Sometimes "kind of what I’m looking for" isn’t good enough. With a wealth of filters that gives you the ability to more precisely search for what you need, you’re sure to quickly pinpoint the next vehicle you want to bid on.

Take The Fast Lane

Save time with some of the most popular search filters at the top of the page designed to get you into the results faster.

Tailored To Your Needs

Easily add or remove filters to quickly refine your search results. Filters can be adjusted at any point in your search process.

30+ Filters From The Start

There’s nothing wrong with getting into specifics. The more than 30 filters available to you make narrowing down vehicles much easier. Hover over filters on the left to see additional search and filtering options.

Go Deeper

Side filters give you the ability to drill down into a much more detailed search.

Start From Scratch

Need to go back to the drawing board? Easy. You can do that with a single click.

It all comes down to relevance. The enhanced search page delivers the results that matter most to you.

A Numbers Game

Quickly see how many vehicles your filtered search turned up and take control of a more efficient narrowing down process.

Streamlined Presentation

View all of the same detailed results with less difficulty in a cleaner, easier-to-navigate interface.

Perfect Timing

Search results will show only the vehicles that are assigned to auction and ready to go, but if you want, you can still filter to those that are still unassigned.

Sorted To Your Style

Sort results by distinct vehicle details such as odometer reading or loss type, or sort by ZIP code to see the vehicles located in specific areas.

Right where you left it

The new Fast Search remembers where you left off. The last search you performed is kept intact, even if you close your browser.

Take control of a more precise search experience that delivers the vehicles you’re looking for. Explore the enhanced search page today!