Do More With the IAA Buyer App!

Our renovated application delivers a world of capabilities for our buyers, right at their fingertips. It’s not an update; it’s a full-scale upgrade!

Buyer App graphic

The IAA buyer app lets you do more from your mobile device when you’re on the go.

Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Our free buyer app automatically detects the type of device you’re on – whether that’s a smartphone or tablet – and provides the best layout view.

Easy to use

Modernized user interface makes navigating the app simple and intuitive.

Quick access

Tech upgrades increase the app’s performance speed.

Fast search

Search page has been redesigned to help buyers find what they are looking for more quickly.


Sort results different ways to further narrow your search.

I-Bid Live access

iPad users get the full desktop version of I-Bid Live, including the ability to view the sale list while navigating to other pages.

Search for vehicles, filter results, keep track of your activity and more.

If you can do it from your computer, you can do it from the app. Search, bid and buy directly from your mobile device or tablet wherever you are.

Have a VIN? Scan it in!

Forget the typing. Scan a VIN with the app to be automatically directed to that vehicle’s details page.

See where you’ve been

The “recently viewed auction” section will help you search for vehicles at a particular branch more quickly.

Never miss a payment
or pick-up

Notifications will alert you vehicles are ready to be paid for and picked-up.


If you already have the app, you’re good to go.If you don’t have the free IAA buyer app yet, download it today!