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CAT Updates

IAA wants to ensure that all customers are provided with the most up to date information during and after catastrophic weather events. During a catastrophic event, IAA will update this page regularly to alert customers of the storm and IAA’s movements.

Tropical Storm Barry Update

Our CAT Team is in the region, and our towers are picking up vehicles. Our teams will remain until all recovery efforts are concluded for customers in the affected areas.


IAA has more than adequate real estate to handle the volume from Barry. In fact, we have hundreds of acres secured throughout the entire Gulf region. This real estate can readily accommodate vehicle influx from potential future catastrophes that may have greater impact.


We will continue to provide any storm-related updates as they become available. 


Southern California Earthquake Update

IAA is prepared with towing and recovery equipment on standby in Southern California to handle the potential vehicle influx resulting from the recent earthquakes. Due to likely aftershocks and the fact that many areas are inaccessible, we will deploy resources once it is safe. All IAA branches are free from damage and fully operational at this point. We will continue to provide updates here as they are available. Our thoughts are with those in Southern California that have been impacted.

IAA Supports Vehicle Dealers During Catastrophes

Our best-in-class Dealer CAT Service allows you to get back in business after weather-related events, clearing your lot of damaged vehicles quickly and maximizing your returns via our auction model. 


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