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Vehicle Information

You won’t be going into an auction blind. We provide extensive information and details about our inventory to
make you make you feel confident about your purchases.

High-Resolution Images

Check it out from every angle. Our high-resolution images won't leave you in the dark about what you're buying.

Features and Benefits

  • You'll find high quality images of every vehicle in IAA's inventory, every time.
  • A zoom feature provides an even closer look at the vehicle you're interested in.
  • You can download and save images from the website for further inspection.

VIN Decoding

VIN decoding details are present on each vehicle details page, providing even more information about a vehicle you're interested in.

Features and Benefits

  • The VIN decoder is present on every vehicle details page.
  • With the VIN decoder, you can access a vehicle's manufacturing details.
  • You can find specific information about a vehicle's body type, engine, country, restraint system and more.

Onsite Vehicle Inspection

When pictures aren't enough, IAA can connect you to a third-party inspector to take a look at a vehicle for you.

Onsite Vehicle Inspection

  • IAA has built a trusted network of experienced inspection companies.
  • This network provides coverage all over the United States and Canada.
  • These insurance companies provide an array of inspection services and reporting to give you the most in-depth overview about a vehicle.

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IAA also provides reports that expand on a vehicle's history, helping to give you the full picture of a vehicle's condition before you purchase.

Features and Benefits

  • Registered IAA buyers get access to reports about a vehicle's history.
  • Generate a Premium Vehicle Report from InstaVIN for units with a high ACV.
  • With condition reports also available, you have all the details you need to bid with confidence.

Get the Details

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