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Auction Types

The Power Of Choice

IAA provides an industry leading auction experience by continually listening to buyer feedback and innovating our auction model. We developed a multi-channel auction to provide the choice, flexibility and convenience our buyers need.

IAA Live & Online™


This auction model is our traditional method of selling vehicles in a live physical auction while simulcast over the internet. This model is used by our 180+ branches allowing both live and online bidders to interact with a live auctioneer.


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IAA Timed Auctions™


Offers a unit for sale for a specified period of time. This online only model allows for competitive bidding and sale prior to our scheduled IAA Live and Online Auctions.


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IAA Buy Now™


Provides a unit for sale for a specific price using analytical data. This model allows units to get exposure and sell between scheduled auctions.


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IAA Online Exclusive™


Puts units for sale online with a live auctioneer. This model is designed to highlight and sell a specific segment of vehicles, such as recreational vehicles or boats.


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IAA Virtual Auctions™


Presents units for sale online only for a specified period of time. This model allows for competitive bidding and purchasing for buyers around the globe.

IAA Screen Sale™


Broadcasts units for sale via a screen at one of our IAA branches. This method uses a live auctioneer selling vehicles to both live in-person and online bidders. This method works well for buyers when units are offsite, such as located at a CAT yard.