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Buying Services

IAA provides the best possible experience for our buyers, and that includes offering tools and services to make buying a convenient process.

Auction Types

The Power Of Choice

IAA provides an industry leading auction experience by continually listening to buyer feedback and innovating our auction model. We developed a multi-channel auction to provide the choice, flexibility and convenience our buyers need.

IAA Live & Online™


This auction model is our traditional method of selling vehicles in a live physical auction while simulcast over the internet. This model is used by our 180+ branches allowing both live and online bidders to interact with a live auctioneer.


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IAA Timed Auctions™


Offers a unit for sale for a specified period of time. This online only model allows for competitive bidding and sale prior to our scheduled IAA Live and Online Auctions.


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IAA Buy Now™


Provides a unit for sale for a specific price using analytical data. This model allows units to get exposure and sell between scheduled auctions.


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IAA Online Exclusive™


Puts units for sale online with a live auctioneer. This model is designed to highlight and sell a specific segment of vehicles, such as recreational vehicles or boats.


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IAA Virtual Auctions™


Presents units for sale online only for a specified period of time. This model allows for competitive bidding and purchasing for buyers around the globe.

IAA Screen Sale™


Broadcasts units for sale via a screen at one of our IAA branches. This method uses a live auctioneer selling vehicles to both live in-person and online bidders. This method works well for buyers when units are offsite, such as located at a CAT yard.


You have flexibility in the way you buy. When it comes to bidding at an auction, IAA gives you a few different options for your convenience.

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Participate in a classic auction experience by attending a live auction at one of our 170+ locations in North America. Registered buyers can bid on a vehicle as it comes up for auction.


  • Preview vehicles before they go up for auction.
  • Interact with the IAA community of staff and buyers throughout the auction.
  • Take a complete look at the inventory being featured.
  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming auction inventory.


If you can't make it to a physical location, you won't miss out. Thanks to technology these days, you can join an auction through IAA's online bidding platform to participate before and during a live auction.


  • Click through vehicle details and images as the vehicle is being auctioned.
  • Get access to auctions through any internet-connected device, from anywhere.
  • Online bidders have the perk of bidding in multple auctions at once.
  • IAA's extensive online services and tools help you manage your bids and purchased vehicles.

By Proxy

Before the auction, you can place a pre-bid on a vehicle. The highest pre-bid will be represented by proxy at the auction.

By Proxy

  • If you can't attend an auction onsite or online, securing a proxy bid gives you the opportunity to buy a vehicle anyway.
  • You can set pre-bids on any amount of vehicles up to an hour before the auction.
  • Track the status of your pre-bid.


Registered buyers can use the IAA Buyer app for mobile devices to place bids before and during the auction, providing our buyers with a convenient and flexible option.


  • Whether you're out and about or just at home, you have access to our auctions from anywhere.
  • The IAA Buyer app is available for Apple and Android.
  • It's also available for use with Apple Watch.


If you prefer to stay hands off for the bidding process, we can connect you to a licensed broker who can bid on your behalf.


  • You'll have an experienced buyer bidding for you.
  • Our network of brokers are licensed to purchase any type of vehicle.
  • Brokers can also assist you with arranging domestic and international vehicle transport.

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Brush Off Your Bidding Skills

And get ready to buy. Fill out the form below if you have questions about any of our bidding options, and we'll be in touch.

CarsArrive Network

CarsArrive Network is North America’s leader in online vehicle logistics. With a sophisticated system of automated vehicle shipping services, CarsArrive Network is the trusted vehicle transportation service partner to a wide range of companies in the automotive industry.

Features and Benefits

  • CarsArrive Network provides an online marketplace that connects shippers and carriers.
  • Wondering about the cost? Once you join the network, you get access to instant, online shipping estimates at market rates.
  • As the largest provider of automated vehicle transport services in North America, the CarsArrive Network has 4,500 registered carriers representing more than 30,000 trucks.
  • You can track your vehicle shipment status online, 24/7.

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Connect with Carriers

We trust our transportation partners, and you can trust us. Fill out the form below if you have questions about the CarsArrive Network, and we'll be in touch.

Credit Cards

Through a secure online system, you can make payments with the convenience of using your credit card.

Features and Benefits

  • Making a vehicle payment is fast and easy, with no fuss.
  • IAA uses a secure transaction system to process credit card purchases.
  • You don't have to jump through any hoops. Simply log in to your account and check out with an authorized credit card.
  • Contact Buyer Services today regarding your credit availability.

Pay Easily and Securely

Go ahead and swipe it. Fill out the form below if you have questions about using credit cards as a payment option, and we'll be in touch.

Financing with AFC

Qualified buyers have a fast, convenient financing option to help them get the vehicles they need. As a fellow member of the KAR Auction Services family, Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) can help without delaying the purchasing process.

Features and Benefits

  • AFC has been a trusted financer in the automotive industry for more than 30 years.
  • Options for financing of used and salvage vehicles are available.
  • Buy and Go®, an IAA exclusive program, allows 100% financing of an auction bill of sale for as few as 14 days.

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IAA and AFC: Empowering Buyers

Financing at Your Fingertips

The IAA and AFC partnership improves the buyer experience. If you have any questions, fill out the form below.

Transport your vehicles across the United States or across the world with, a leading online brokerage service that facilitates both domestic and international vehicle shipments at a competitive price.

Features and Benefits

  • Get a free, instant estimate for transporting your vehicle with's quote calculator.
  • offers worldwide coverage.
  • Track the status of your vehicle shipment online.
  • Services are available to both Licensed Business and Public buyers.

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Load It Up

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Seems like all of us want a little more time and money. The I-Pay payment system helps you save both. Our customers with Licensed Business accounts, a U.S.-based bank account and a bank approval letter on file
with IAA can utilize this feature to finalize their purchases quickly, securely and with no additional fees.

Features and Benefits

  • I-Pay eliminates the need to pay additional fees like those required for wire transfers, back-issued checks and money orders.
  • A simple click transfers funds from your bank account directly to IAA, with no need to travel or wait.
  • I-Pay is accessible via any internet-equipped device – make a payment whether you're at one of our branches, in the office or on the move.

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A Better Way to Pay

And you can do it with a tap of a finger. Fill out the form below if you have questions about I-Pay, and we'll be in touch.


Need it right now? IAA’s Buy Now option allows buyers to purchase vehicles between auctions for a set price. It’s your opportunity to purchase vehicles outside of our weekly auctions, at your convenience. Once you make the payment, it’s yours.

Features and Benefits

  • Thousands of vehicles are included in the Buy Now option.
  • There's no competition, no bid that needs to be accepted. You buy vehicles at a fixed price.
  • Instant gratification. With Buy Now, vehicles can be purchased between regular auctions.

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Instant Gratification

When you need it for your business, IAA can be the one to help you out. Fill out the form below if you have questions about Buy Now, and we'll be in touch.

IAA Cost Calculator™


Located in the upper right of any Vehicle Details page, the Cost Calculator tool will further enhance your buying experience at IAA.

Features & Benefits

  • See a full breakdown of your costs, including bid amount and all associated fees.
  • Include IAA Transport costs to your estimated total by adding in the delivery location zip code.

Log in to today and take a calculated approach to your next vehicle purchase!

Cost Calculator an Estimate - The Cost Calculator is intended to assist Buyers in estimating total costs and is neither a quote nor offer of finance. There can be no assurance that the estimate provided will be current or correct, and the Cost Calculator should not be relied upon as the final calculation or verification of total fees. IAA makes no representations or warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, about the functionality or accuracy of the Cost Calculator and accepts no liability arising out of or related to Buyer’s use of or access to the Cost Calculator including, without limitation, any errors or omissions. Buyers who choose to use this tool remain responsible for paying all required fees regardless of whether those fees were shown in the Cost Calculator.


When you need to transport your vehicles internationally, you can count on InterCargo. As an IAA partner and leader in the vehicle logistics industry, InterCargo operates as a freight transporter of automobiles,
motorcycles, boats and other types of motorized equipment and specialty cargo.

Features and Benefits

  • InterCargo specializes in using containerized and Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) delivery of vehicles.
  • There are five shipping terminals located throughout the United States.
  • InterCargo also assists with export documentation and other international logistics services.

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International Partnership

Across the world may not be so far after all. Fill out the form below if you have questions about InterCargo, and we'll be in touch.

North Atlantic Group

Have a Central America destination in mind? North Atlantic Group is the shipping partner you’re looking for. As an international ocean carrier, North Atlantic specializes in the loading, shipment and transportation of vehicles with facilities placed strategically in cities and ports in North and Central America.

Features and Benefits

  • Transport your vehicles straight from the auction to a destination in Central America.
  • Continuously track and monitor the status of your transported vehicles.
  • Streamline your costs. Cut your vehicles to reduce weight and ship only what's needed.
  • BreakBulk cargo service is available for special equipment.

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Western Hemisphere Expertise

Navigate your vehicles between the Americas. Fill out the form below if you have questions about North Atlantic Group, and we'll be in touch.

Payment at Branch

If you’re ready to tow your vehicle off the lot, paying right at the branch is an easy and quick way of securing your purchase. Like with any other payment transaction at a store, you’ll interact with our customer service representatives to pay with your credit card, cash or certified funds.

Features and Benefits

  • When you pay onsite at a branch, the vehicle is yours to pick up and tow away.
  • Branches accept credit cards, ceritifed funds and cash.
  • If you want to explore financing options, AFC and its representatives are present at some IAA branches.

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Pay Right Away

Pay at the branch and tow your vehicle away on the same day. Fill out the form below if you have any questions, and we'll be in touch.

Run & Drive®

See the vehicle. Hear the vehicle. Buy the vehicle. With IAA’s Run & Drive lane, you get to see a vehicle
in motion and hear its engine work before making a judgement on bidding.

Features and Benefits

  • Run & Drive serves as a spotlight for our clear-title, high-quality vehicles.
  • See and hear a vehicle run, and have confidence in what you're bidding on.
  • The Run & Drive feature is utilized at all 170+ IAA locations.


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See It In Action

Moving On Through

See it for yourself. Fill out the from below if you have any questions about Run & Drive, and we'll be in touch.

Tow Network

Aside from our select partners –, InterCargo and CarsArrive Network, to name a few – IAA also has a national network of tow vendors that can get your vehicles to where they need to be.

Features and Benefits

  • IAA's transportation network extends coverage all over the United States and Canada.
  • If you're looking farther than that, IAA can also assist with exporting vehicles.
  • Search for a tow company by location, transit distance, type of cargo and more.

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Near or Far

Wherever your vehicle needs to be, IAA can help. Fill out the form below if you have questions about our tow and transportation options, and we'll be in touch.

Vehicle Information

You won’t be going into an auction blind. We provide extensive information and details about our inventory to
make you make you feel confident about your purchases.

High-Resolution Images

Check it out from every angle. Our high-resolution images won't leave you in the dark about what you're buying.

Features and Benefits

  • You'll find high quality images of every vehicle in IAA's inventory, every time.
  • A zoom feature provides an even closer look at the vehicle you're interested in.
  • You can download and save images from the website for further inspection.

VIN Decoding

VIN decoding details are present on each vehicle details page, providing even more information about a vehicle you're interested in.

Features and Benefits

  • The VIN decoder is present on every vehicle details page.
  • With the VIN decoder, you can access a vehicle's manufacturing details.
  • You can find specific information about a vehicle's body type, engine, country, restraint system and more.

Onsite Vehicle Inspection

When pictures aren't enough, IAA can connect you to a third-party inspector to take a look at a vehicle for you.

Onsite Vehicle Inspection

  • IAA has built a trusted network of experienced inspection companies.
  • This network provides coverage all over the United States and Canada.
  • These insurance companies provide an array of inspection services and reporting to give you the most in-depth overview about a vehicle.

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IAA also provides reports that expand on a vehicle's history, helping to give you the full picture of a vehicle's condition before you purchase.

Features and Benefits

  • Registered IAA buyers get access to reports about a vehicle's history.
  • Generate a Premium Vehicle Report from InstaVIN for units with a high ACV.
  • With condition reports also available, you have all the details you need to bid with confidence.

Get the Details

Don't be left in the dark. Fill out the form below if you have questions about inventory details or information, and we'll be in touch.

Vehicle Search

Searching for parts? Searching for something whole? IAA has it covered. We have multiple tools to help connect buyers to the vehicles they’re looking for.

Advanced Search

Our most robust tool, IAA's advanced search has multiple filters and customization options that quickly sift through our inventory for the vehicles you want.

Advanced Search

  • Save time by using this online tool instead of manually combing through IAA's extensive inventory.
  • Easily filter through thousands of vehicles.
  • Search by vehicle type, make, condition, attributes, title type, auction date and other specifications.

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Hollander Interchange Part Number

Looking for a specific part? Easy. With Hollander Interchange Part Number, all you need is the stock number of the part you're searching for, and the search engine will do the rest.

Searching for Parts

  • Input the stock number of the part you're looking for into the Hollander Interchange Part Number search engine, and it will pull all of the vehicles in our inventory that contain that part.
  • Hollander Interchange Part Number is also accessible through the IAA Buyer app for smartphones.
  • The engine takes out guesswork associated with searching for specific components. The search results will pull the part you're looking for, every time.


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How to Search Hollander Interchange Part Number




An Auto Search Engine

Look no further. IAA has what you need. Fill out the form below if you have questions about any of our search options, and we'll be in touch.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are a quick, secure and reliable way to transfer money from your bank account to make payments.

Features and Benefits

  • Pay your account balance quickly and securely.
  • Wire transfers are a viable way of paying for your vehicle purchase.
  • If you're interested in paying through a wire transfer, log in to your IAA account to view the Useful Documents and Forms page.

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Transfer Funds Fast

Fill out the form below if you have questions about using wire transfers as a payment option, and we'll be in touch.