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IAA is always working to bring you the best bidding and buying processes. From new products to redesigned interfaces, check this page for important updates and notices for all things IAA.
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Posted January 2019

I-Bid Live

This exciting platform just got better. Now you’ll have the ability to join up to 12 auction lanes at one time! Simply click “+add more auctions” (circled in the screenshot below).


Posted December 2018

Auction List Page

The latest wave of updates on the Auctions List page have improved the features that you use and see daily. Here’s what to look out for next time you visit this page:


  1. Exciting new features
    1. ‘Bid Live’ will be displayed when the auction is in progress
    2. ‘Join Auction’ will be displayed when the auction has not yet started
  2. Consistent look and feel
    1. Date filters now formatted like the rest of the website, on the left side of the page
    2. Breadcrumb display has moved to the top of the page, making it easier to see what you’re looking for
  3. Mobile friendly display with instant feedback capability (thumb icons below)





Sign Forms Online

We’ve added electronic-signature functionality to the following buyer forms:
• CA Resale Certificate (available to US and foreign buyers)
• Florida Affidavit (available to foreign buyers only)
• GA ST-5 (available to US buyers)
• GA ST-4 (available to US and foreign buyers)


To access these forms, go to My Auction Center > Profile > Licenses & Documents


IAA Timed AuctionsTM Buy Now Offer Update

Look out for the Buy Now Offer update – available on Mobile iOS and Android devices. We’ve built a new list showing your offers and you’ll now receive a push notification when a Buy Now Offer has been awarded. For a snapshot of these features, check out the screenshot below.


Download the app  Watch tutorial 





Login ID

As of January 15, 2019, all buyers will be required to use a valid email address as a login ID. This update will provide added security and a more convenient login process. Refer to the screenshot below as a guideline for updating your information, if you haven’t done so already.



Dashboard Updates


On, go to My Auction Center > Profile > Licenses & Documents to access all-new document and form features. Now, you can upload Business Licenses and Tax Documents straight to your profile instead of emailing or faxing them to your branch. Similarly, you can now use DocuSign to provide your signature for some forms online. Currently you can digitally sign Multijurisdictional Resale Certificate (MRC) or Texas Foreign Buyer Forms right through your dashboard.


Check the page frequently, because more documents will be added in the future! Please note, depending on your membership you may see different documents and forms.


Posted November 2018

IAA Buyer NowTM Real-Time Notifications


Never miss out on a unit you really want. When a vehicle on your Watch List becomes available via Buy Now, you’ll instantly be notified by email! You can also turn off this feature through your settings. To view or change these settings, log in to your account and click on your profile then notifications.


5X Higher Resolution Images


You asked, we answered! All of our images will now be taken with 5x higher resolution, except for a select few branches. Bid with confidence as you zoom in on high-quality vehicle images or view units full screen on desktop and mobile.

Why is this important?

  • More megapixels in an image means more detail is captured.
  • This helps views see more vehicle details.
  • When zooming in on an image, it will show detail more clearly.

This enhancement has been rolled out across and IAA Buyer App (iOS & Android).


IAA Buyer App Updates


Do more from your mobile device while you’re on the go. The app now features swipe interface, advanced search filters, faster load times and voice command search. Don’t miss out! Make sure you download or update the app today.


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IAA 360 View™


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an in-person viewing experience when you bid online? You can! With 360° View. This amazing feature provides an interactive, 360° View of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Look for the 360° View icon next time you bid online!

  • Control the 360° photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Zoom in on any part of the vehicle in high definition (HD)
  • Click on hotspots for even more photos


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