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Redefining Your Auction Experience

IAA is always working to bring you the best bidding and buying processes. From new products to redesigned interfaces, check this page for important updates and notices for all things IAA.
See our updates, enhancements and notifications below.


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IAA 360


IAA 360 View & HD zoom are now available for mobile! This tool gives you an interactive look at a vehicle’s interior and exterior. You can even zoom in on any part of the vehicle in HD! Starting in July, you will be able to access images for vehicles from 2012-present – all from the palm of your hand.


IAA 360 mobile



Recrides Specialty Search


When you update the IAA app on your mobile phone, you’ll find an exciting new search functionality by scrolling to the right in the filters. In the latest version, you can easily find and bid on IAA Rec Rides™ and Specialty Inventory. Download it today!


Mobile updates



Recrides Specialty Search


Looking for a specific type of vehicle, like a motorcycle or a piece of construction equipment? We’ve got good news. With our latest enhancements, Rec Rides and Specialty inventory is now easily searchable on


Title management icon



Title management icon


The key to managing your titles easily and efficiently is having the right information. That’s why we’ve provided full title handling instructions below. Take a look, and you’ll be managing your titles like a pro in no time!




Timed Auctions icon


Timed Auctions users can utilize a new feature that enables them to filter insurance and non-insurance vehicles. The update provides an improved user experience and easier navigation.





Transportation icon


IAA Transport is a convenient, dependable, cost-effective and easy shipping solution. Use this helpful service on your next purchase to enjoy no storage fees*, free expedited title delivery and real-time delivery quotes. For more details, check out the video below.


*Any storage fees accrued before IAA Transport is requested are still the responsibility of the buyer.



Search tool icon


As of April 21, Buyer Services will be closed on Sundays. 24/7 access to support is still available through OTTO, the IAA chatbot. You can reach Buyer Services Monday-Saturday through phone, live online chat or email.


Buyer Services Contact Info



USA & Canada (U.S. Toll Free): 877.937.4243

International: 630.686.4097

México (Teléfono gratuito): 001.855.615.9401



Fax                          Email


Mon-Fri    6:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CT
Sat            8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT
Sun           Closed



Search tool icon


Expand the reach of your business and attract new customers with this exclusive search tool. Only registered IAA bidders and buyers have access to the IAA Express Search Tool, making it easy to promote IAA inventory to potential customers without leaving your website or business Facebook page.


Express search tool screenshot



Lexington icon

IAA Lexington

Exciting news: South Carolina is getting its fourth IAA location! The new branch will feature a multi-channel auction model and a Run & Drive® lane. Be sure to check out our auction every Thursday, which will be a screen sale hosted at IAA Columbus.


Lexington branch map


IAA Lexington
343 Dooley Rd.
Lexington, SC 29073
Phone: 803.520.2672
Branch Manager: Teresa Britt



Expansion icon


IAA is excited to announce we’ve expanded our footprint by 110+ acres in five states. That means that you’ll have more selection and more inventory, so you can always find what you’re looking for. Below are the expanded branches:

  • IAA Huntsville (AL)
  • IAA Little Rock (AR)
  • IAA Minneapolis/St. Paul (MN)
  • IAA Long Island (NY)
  • IAA Houston North (TX)




Buyer app icon


The latest update is built to make your experience even better. These exciting desktop features are now available on the app.



Buyer app my account screenshot




Buyer app my account documents screenshot




Buyer app my account autorenewal screenshot




Autocheck icon


As of April 12, we’ve brought back AutoCheck as our Premium Vehicle Report provider! AutoCheck is powered by Experian, a trusted leader in the automotive data industry. Access to this more accurate and complete report will still require a log in and come at the same price to the winning bidder.


IAA Condition details screenshots

Posted March 2019

Form icon

Resale Certificates

A resale certificate allows a buyer to be tax exempt on some IAA purchases. Once a certificate is correctly submitted to IAA, the buyer/reseller can collect tax when selling the vehicle in the future, and then send the appropriate amount of tax money to the state based on a predetermined schedule.


We’ve recently added a resale certificate for Wyoming. Don’t forget, you can access all forms quickly and easily through the IAA Document Center (pictured below)!


Click here to access the Document Center


Resale Certificate screenshot

Download icon

How To Download Images

You can download images for a vehicle you’ve won up to 6 months after the auction has concluded! It’s easy.



Otto icon

Introducing OTTO

Meet IAA’s new chatbot, OTTO! Thanks to this new feature, we now offer 24/7 customer service. So whenever you have a question or need to reset your password, you can. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how to access Otto, or click here. (currently only available in English)



Otto page screenshot

Posted February 2019

Multichannel circle icon

Multi-Channel Auction

We offer six auction channels to choose from. When innovation meets flexibility – you win, no matter what!


Head to to visit the auctions today!


Multichannel screenshoot

Clock icon

IAA Timed Auctions™ Sold Badge

You can now see when and for how much a Timed Auctions vehicle has sold with the sold badge. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to this feature by clicking ‘Previous Vehicles’ in the ‘Sale Status’ filter.



Timed Auctions screenshot

Sticker icon

Monroney Window Stickers

As of February 21, IAA is providing Monroney window sticker information for select vehicles on, with plans for future expansion to more inventory.


You must be logged in to see the stickers. Look for the white-and-blue button labeled “View window sticker” in the top of the “VIN Details” section, as seen in the
picture below.



Monroney sticky screenshot

Posted January 2019

Document computer icon

Sale Documents

Managing the title of your vehicle should be as easy as buying it. Did you know you can see the status of your document and delivery method online? Check out these simple instructions on how to manage your titles and change how you receive documents, all in one spot.


View instructions

Looking class website icon Enhanced Fast Search

It’s now easier to sort through different title categories. If you’re only interested in a certain type of vehicle, try filtering by Seller Type. This new Fast Search feature allows you to distinguish between Insurance and Non-insurance inventory.


Fast search screenshot


Clock icon

IAA Timed Auctions™ New Filters

Over 1,000 new vehicles a day can be a lot to sort through. That’s why we’re giving you more power to find the right car in the right place. Try the new filters, Region and State, to better target vehicles by location.ow).


Timed Auctions screenshot

Calculator icon

IAA Cost Calculator™

Understanding the total cost of your purchase is crucial. Log in to use the IAA Cost Calculator and see a full breakdown of your costs, including bid amount and all associated fees.


Look out for the calculator underneath the “Pre-Bid” button. See example below.


Calculator example screenshot

Laptop icon

Live Online Platform

This exciting platform just got better. Now you’ll have the ability to join up to 12 auction lanes at one time! Simply click “+add more auctions” (circled in the screenshot below).


Online Plattfom screenshot

Posted December 2018

Checklist sheets icon

Auction List Page

The latest wave of updates on the Auctions List page have improved the features that you use and see daily. Here’s what to look out for next time you visit this page:


  1. Exciting new features
    1. ‘Bid Live’ will be displayed when the auction is in progress
    2. ‘Join Auction’ will be displayed when the auction has not yet started
  2. Consistent look and feel
    1. Date filters now formatted like the rest of the website, on the left side of the page
    2. Breadcrumb display has moved to the top of the page, making it easier to see what you’re looking for
  3. Mobile friendly display with instant feedback capability (thumb icons below)


Auction List screenshot


Auctions list mobile page screenshot

Forms icon

Sign Forms Online

We’ve added electronic-signature functionality to the following buyer forms:
• CA Resale Certificate (available to US and foreign buyers)
• Florida Affidavit (available to foreign buyers only)
• GA ST-5 (available to US buyers)
• GA ST-4 (available to US and foreign buyers)


To access these forms, go to My Auction Center > Profile > Licenses & Documents


Newsletter screenshot

Clock icon

IAA Timed AuctionsTM Buy Now Offer Update

Look out for the Buy Now Offer update – available on Mobile iOS and Android devices. We’ve built a new list showing your offers and you’ll now receive a push notification when a Buy Now Offer has been awarded. For a snapshot of these features, check out the screenshot below.


Download the app  Watch tutorial 


Timed auctions


Timed Auctions screenshot mobile

ID Card icon

Login ID

As of January 15, 2019, all buyers will be required to use a valid email address as a login ID. This update will provide added security and a more convenient login process. Refer to the screenshot below as a guideline for updating your information, if you haven’t done so already.


Home screenshot


User Profie page

Webpage icon

Dashboard Updates

On, go to My Auction Center > Profile > Licenses & Documents to access all-new document and form features. Now, you can upload Business Licenses and Tax Documents straight to your profile instead of emailing or faxing them to your branch. Similarly, you can now use DocuSign to provide your signature for some forms online. Currently you can digitally sign Multijurisdictional Resale Certificate (MRC) or Texas Foreign Buyer Forms right through your dashboard.


Check the page frequently, because more documents will be added in the future! Please note, depending on your membership you may see different documents and forms.


Newsletter dashboard screenshot

Posted November 2018

IAA Buy NowTM Real-Time Notifications


Never miss out on a unit you really want. When a vehicle on your Watch List becomes available via Buy Now, you’ll instantly be notified by email! You can also turn off this feature through your settings. To view or change these settings, log in to your account and click on your profile then notifications.


5X Higher Resolution Images


You asked, we answered! All of our images will now be taken with 5x higher resolution, except for a select few branches. Bid with confidence as you zoom in on high-quality vehicle images or view units full screen on desktop and mobile.

Why is this important?

  • More megapixels in an image means more detail is captured.
  • This helps views see more vehicle details.
  • When zooming in on an image, it will show detail more clearly.

This enhancement has been rolled out across and IAA Buyer App (iOS & Android).


IAA Buyer App Updates


Do more from your mobile device while you’re on the go. The app now features swipe interface, advanced search filters, faster load times and voice command search. Don’t miss out! Make sure you download or update the app today.


Learn more

IAA 360 View™


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an in-person viewing experience when you bid online? You can! With 360° View. This amazing feature provides an interactive, 360° View of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Look for the 360° View icon next time you bid online!

  • Control the 360° photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Zoom in on any part of the vehicle in high definition (HD)
  • Click on hotspots for even more photos


Learn more