Our customers are at the core of everything we do, and this singular focus has allowed us to forge professional relationships that have spanned decades. They rely on us to ask the right questions, listen and act in their best interest. We take that responsibility seriously. It’s what makes us unique, allowing us to stand apart in the marketplace.

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We're proud of our diverse philanthropic efforts and dedicated to giving back to the communities we’re in and beyond.

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Our most valuable asset is our employees. More than 2,700 strong, IAA embraces a culture of shared success and commitment.

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IAA asks the right questions, listens and acts in our customers’ best interest. It’s what differentiates us from the competition.

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We analyze and anticipate trends that influence the automotive auction market and connect sellers to buyers.

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We're the auction experts for many customers looking to quickly sell vehicles, including insurance companies, fleet and rental firms, auto dealers, municipalities and more. Along with connecting their vehicles to the right buyers, we offer comprehensive services to help manage, expedite and capitalize on their auction experience. Find more information on our selling page.

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Our buyers are able to bid on and buy vehicles from our auctions from anywhere, with any device. Additionally, more than 170 branch locations across North America serve as a central hub for buyers who can attend in-person. With a multitude of solutions to address buyers' needs – like financing, inspection, towing and transportation – IAA acts as a full-service auction partner. Find more information on our buying page

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