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Donation Division

We provide complete services for non-profit organizations to process and sell donated vehicles as a source of funding. Whether you require a full service Vehicle Donation Program, prefer to participate in our auctions to support your existing program, or join our One Car One Difference® team, we offer everything you need, including:

  • A national call center for donor communications
  • Vehicle transportation from donor to auction
  • Auctions conducted by experienced professionals
  • Documentation for potential tax deductions
  • Management reporting for projecting cash flow

Vehicle donation helps the environment, too.

  • Saves gas
  • Recycles metal
  • Avoids landfill 


We assist charities with comprehensive services to process and sell all types of vehicles. Our integrated services and technologies help sellers optimize vehicle exposure, shorten cycle time, and gain higher returns at auction.

Services for Donated Vehicle Sellers Include:
  • Towing and Delivery Services
  • Title Services
  • Vehicle Marketing Services
  • Vehicle Selling Services
  • Vehicle Management Services

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